Books Alive Program Info

What is Books Alive???

Books Alive is an early literacy program (for preschoolers age 2-5) that brings books to life through highly interactive storytelling, character dress up, puppets, flannel board stories, props, music & movement, science activities and much more! Books Alive classes are conducted in the classroom setting and last approximately 30 minutes.

What are the Benefits Books Alive?
  • enhances curriculum & demonstrates your program's commitment to early literacy
  • incorporates the six basic early literacy skills (vocabulary, print motivation, print awareness, narractive skills, letter knowledge & phonological awareness) into sessions as age appropriate
  • incorporates math skills, science concepts and social skills into sessions as age appropriate
  • educates preschoolers through fun, interactive techiniques adapted to match their age level and attention span
  • creates excitement about reading and learning new things
  • gives teachers new ideas to incorporate into their classrooms
  • provides informative handouts, activity pages and/or other "literacy goodies" for teachers related to the topics presented
  • provides each child with a sticker, handout and/or activity page to let parents know they participated
What is the Cost the Books Alive???

ONLY $2.00 per child

How Do I schedule the Books Alive Program to come to my school???

call:  704-507-3436

Important Note:

Because of the highly interactive nature and age appropriate content of each Books Alive program, classes are usually conducted in each individual classroom.   Typically, I visit each preschool classroom (2 yrs through 5 yrs).  This usually takes approximately 3 hours (9:30-12:30) depending on the starting time you choose and number of classrooms participating.